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San Francisco - Top 7 Pizza Restaurants

Posted on 25 July 2017 by Sue

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Arinell Pizza

San Francisco is a beautiful city and one that is full of hills that you are sure to enjoy. However, vacations are not the same unless you have a big old pizza pie to enjoy as a comfort food to bring back a reminder of home. This is why we have ranked the top 7 pizza restaurants in San Francisco for you to visit. 

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  • 7. Za Pizza @zapizzasf -

    Za Pizza is a place that will blow your mind. The food is great tasting, but what is even better is the fact the pizza has some great taste because of the fresh ingredients. With this location you will love the fact that no matter what pizza you get it is not greasy at all. 

  • 6. Zachary's Chicago Pizza @PizzaZacharys -

    Zachary's Pizza is a great place that you are going to love because of the deep dish that is present. However, what is great is the dusting of cornmeal that goes on the pizza is just the perfect amount. What we loved the most was the Pizza Roma. 

  • 5. Patxi's @patxispizza -

    Patxi's is a place that has some of the best deep dish pizza you can enjoy around. We love the deeper dish and this is definitely some of the best pizza possible. Now it is hard to narrow down what we love the most, but that is mainly because the slices of pizza change daily. 

  • 4. Presidio @presidiopizzacompany -

    This is another place that has managed to perfect the New York style pizza. The food is great and they have done a good job of putting a San Francisco attitude on the pizza. We personally love the grandma style pizza they serve up here. 

  • 3. Golden Boy Pizza @goldenboypizza -

    If you want to have some great pizza you will want to have on the go. The pizza is always fresh and hot, but what is great is the selection from the menu you have available. What we love is the Pesto and clam pizza.

  • 2. Arizmendi @ArizmendiEmeryville -

    Arizmendi is a fantastic place that has some of the great pizza you are going to love. The pizza has fantastic toppings and the food is great. What we love the most about this location is the thin-crust sourdough pizza that is completely amazing. 

  • 1. Arinell @Arinell-Pizza-Inc -

    Finding the New York Style pizza is a great thing when you are in New York. The problem is their are so many restaurants claiming to be the best one. This is when you need to try out Arinell. Arinell has a great pizza that is going to make it great with the Sicilian. 

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