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Palm Springs Restaurants - Top 7 Restaurants In Palm Springs

Posted on 19 May 2014 by Elizabeth

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Palm Springs Restaurants

The Top 7 Restaurants in Palm Springs.

Get ready to try our Top 7 Travel favorites.

Dining is a wonderful experience in the Palm Springs area. Our Top 7 list contains a variety of food choices. We hope you enjoy your meals.

7. Native Foods: If you are a vegetarian or a carnivore, you will love the dining choices at this vegetarian restaurant. We recommend you try the Classic Deli Reuben. It’s Native Reuben Seitan with sauerkraut, Russian dressing and horseradish cheese on marble rye.

6. Copley’s on Palm Canyon: If you want to see what the former Cary Grant estate looks like, we suggest you dine at Copley’s on Palm Canyon, featuring upscale American cuisine. Dine on the outdoor patio and enjoy the same views as Cary Grant.

5. Shanghai Reds Fisherman’s Market & Grill: While on vacation in the desert and you want to have freshly-sourced seafood for dinner, we recommend Shanghai Reds. This restaurant chain began as a seafood market which expanded into the restaurant business.

4. Workshop Kitchen and Bar: You’ll have an eclectic mix of choices at this restaurant in uptown Palm Springs. Much of the food is sourced from local farms. Try the Pan-Roasted Scallops with spaghetti squash or the Black Burgundy Truffle Risotto.

3. Jillian’s: If you’re looking for fine dining in an elegant setting, we recommend Jillian’s. Antiques, fresh flowers and original paintings decorate the four dining areas.

2. Wally’s Desert Turtle: You’ll enjoy food from local farms, fisheries and ranches at Wally’s Desert Turtle, where the dress code is business casual. If you like pasta, try Vongole, a dish consisting of linguini, chorizo and clams.

1. Le Vallauris: If you’re interested in dining in a restored historical landmark, we recommend Le Vallauris. The restaurant contains Louis XV furniture and Flemish tapestries. Contemplate the daily offerings, written by hand on a large card, placed at your table on an easel.

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