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Ober Gatlinburg Review

Posted on 29 July 2016 by Kim

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Gatlinburg is well known for the mountains and the beautiful Smoky Mountain National Park. However, Gatlinburg also has plenty of in town attractions as well. Our #1 rated Gatlinburg attraction is Ober Gatlinburg and we give our full review here. View rest of our Top 7 Gatlinburg attractions here

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Hours And Location

Ober Gatlinburg is found at the following address.

  • 1001 Parkway #2, Gatlinburg, TN 37738

The hours of operation are as follows and can be seasonal.

  • Open everyday from 9:30 AM until 9:20 PM.

What We Like About Ober Gatlinburg

Ober Gatlinburg changes with the seasons of Gatlinburg. So we will try to list one winter activity and one summer activity that we love about Ober Gatlinburg. The winter activity is very obvious as Ober Gatlinburg has some of the best skiing aound the smoky mountains. So this is going to easily rank among the tops for the winter months and attractions in Gatlinburg.

As for the summer months, the things that we really like up in Ober has some great family fun attractions that give the family a break from all the tourist and shopping stuff.  The kids will love all the rides but the one they will want to do again and again is the exhilarating Ski Mountain Coaster. Ober's Ski Mountain Coaster gives the roller coaster ride feel through the beautiful mountain scene.

What We Did Not Like

The main thing that we did not like about Ober Gatlinburg is the way to get up to the top. Yes, they do have parking at the top of the mountain for cars, but space is limited and it can be rather pricey to park. The other method is to take the Aerial Tramway, which has a fantastic way to get to the top, but can require waiting on the schedule to go up. 

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 9 Stars

While Ober Gatlinburg is in the mountains it is a location that can be hard to access and if you are not into some of the things it offers a wasted trip. However, going up to the top of the mountain is a unique experience and one you will not forget. You can take the aerial tramway to avoid the drive but it is pricey from $9-$12 depending on age.

Check out more about Ober Gatlinburg at and @OberGatlinburg.

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