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NYC Steakhouses - Top 7 Steak Houses In New York City 2014

Posted on 11 May 2014 by Melissa Martin

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NYC Steak house

The Top 7 Steak Houses In New York City 2014.

Carve into a juicy steak at one of these New York City prime eateries.

Meat eaters, rejoice! New York City has some of the best steak houses in the world, so when you visit (or if you live here, lucky you!) be sure to dine in at least one of these top choices:

7. Gallagher's: This is the original, opened in 1927. The steaks are aged for over 21 days in their on-property meat locker (which has a window for you to check out the steaks on offer) and you can taste that aging.

6. Spark's: Looks and tastes like you think a steak house should. Inside, dark woods, old school feel, excellent prime rib, extensive wine list. One of NYC's best!

5. Delmonico's: Named after the steak itself, of course it's good! At Delmonico's, expect to see celebrities, maybe even a former president. Take in the amazing décor and enjoy the delicious food and great service.

4. The Old Homestead: At The Old Homestead, they say that they 'specialize in four food groups: beef, beef, beef, beef!' And they do. They are known for their huge slabs of tasty beef, delicious Kobe burgers and their great service.

3. Del Frisco's: Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House is gorgeous inside, and offers some amazing steaks. The mac 'n cheese is pretty great, too--as is the service. Check out their extensive wine list, too. The sommelier will be happy to make a pairing suggestion.

2. Keens: Keens has been the recipient of a number of James Beard awards, and it shows. Their steaks are divine, of course, but they are actually known for their mutton chops! And do not miss their bacon--order it as an appetizer, you will not be disappointed.

1. Peter Luger's: Of course Peter Luger's is number one--you cannot have a 'steak' conversation without mentioning this place, and it is the best in NYC. The menu is short, simple and perfect. You will never order a bad item, and will never have subpar service.

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