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NYC Neighborhood Eats - Top 7 Neighborhood Eats In New York City 2014

Posted on 11 May 2014 by Juan Leon

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NYC Neighborhood Eats

The Top 7 Neighborhood Eats In New York City.

Mingle with the locals at one of these neighborhood joints.

New York City is a great place to visit if you love the various popular sites in the “City that Never Sleeps.” Your visit will not be complete without discovering what neighborhoods have to offer when it comes to delectable foods. Here are seven of the best local eats in New York City that will surely make your stay in the Big Apple memorable:

7. Wo Hop: This is a Chinatown-based restaurant that will surely delight all your senses. Open for 24 hours, with excellent food with affordable prices, this restaurant will be the ticket for your best Chinese food experience.

6. French Roast: If you are a French food eater but with a minimal budget, French Roast is a must visit. This restaurant offers high class French meals for very low prices. You can enjoy that complete French bistro experience in this restaurant.

5. Coppelia: Cuban dishes are being served in this fancy restaurant. Try having their arepas and you will have the very best Cuban dish served in America.

4. Empire Biscuit: For a newcomer to New York City’s fast growing food industry, Empire Biscuit is a great choice. This is a breakfast biscuit restaurant that has stolen the hearts of many snack searchers.

3. Molino Rojo Restaurant: Situated beside the Yankee Stadium, this Latino restaurant is an excellent after-the-game destination.

2. B.A.D. Burger: What is New York City without burgers? B.A.D. burger is the perfect place for that American burger craving.

1. Grand Morelos: Mexican food is what New Yorkers do best. Try visiting Grand Morelos to enjoy the best Mexican food served in New York.

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