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NYC Irish Bars - Top 7 Irish Bars in New York City

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Irish Bars NYC

The Top 7 Irish Bars In New York City.

The 7 best NYC spots to grab an Irish Pint.

Perhaps it is the immigrant heritage in New York City or perhaps there is just something about an Irish pub that calls forth a crowd. Either way, these are 7 of the best Irish pubs New York has to offer.

7. Molly's Shebeen: Some proclaim that Molly's is the very best, most authentic Irish pub in New York City. Though the bar itself is merely decades old, the building has housed a bar of some kind since the 1800's.

6. Ceol: Even the Irish blessings that adorn the walls remind a person of the beautiful Emerald Isles.

5. The Wicked Monk: With a name like that, who wouldn't want to check out this bar. But, it's owner also specially commissioned parts of an old church in Ireland to be brought to New York to be used within his bar. It's literally a piece of Ireland.

4. Sean Ogs: People just can't help but be happy at this establishment. Perhaps the laughter and light hearted nature is due to the fact that half the staff is Irish born.

3. McSorley's: This Irish bar is one of the oldest bars in the city. It has a lot of history under its roof, but these days women are actually allowed inside.

2. The Landmark Tavern: Get your fill of various whiskies and beers at this location. Don't forget to eat the good food while you're at it.

1. Paddy Reilly's Music Bar: This bar is our number one pick because it does just what the name suggests. It not only serves up Irish dishes, but also offers authentic Irish music on a weekly basis.

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