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NYC Hotels - Top 7 Hotels In New York City 2014

Posted on 12 May 2014 by Brittany Roberts

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NYC Hotels

The Top 7 Hotels In New York City.

Location, location, location. What part of NYC you choose to stay is just as important as the hotel itself.

A good room at a New York City Hotel is an experience in itself. With a crowded abundance of choice, where best to stay? Our top list of the 7 best places, will ensure your sleep is as cool as your trip.

7. Hotel Elysee: This is a hotel in New York City that is located conveniently close to everything you need, such as shopping, grocery, and several great attractions. They have outstanding service, upgraded rooms, and the value that you receive is beyond belief. A few amenities include a working desk, DVD player, and bath robes.

6. The Bryant Park Hotel: The Bryant Park Hotel is another hotel that you will have the pleasuring of visiting. This hotel features free parking, a bar and lounge, room service, and shuttle bus service. They make every one of their guest's visit special.

5. The Sherry-Netherland Hotel: This hotel received the Traveler's Choice award for 2014, and is one of the top luxury hotels in New York City. With a business center and internet access, work and communication with friends and family is never far away. This is a pet friendly hotel that has a fitness center and a kitchenette.

4. Hotel Giraffe: The Hotel Giraffe is your home away from home! Guests who decide to stay here enjoy free breakfast, free high speed internet, and room service, just to name a few. Whether you are staying for one day or longer, Hotel Giraffe knows how to make your stay memorable.

3. Library Hotel: Contrary to its name, the Library Hotel has more to offer than you may believe. Enjoy an excellent stay at this hotel while being accommodated with free breakfast, room service, and awesome meals from the restaurant.

2. Casablanca Hotel: If you're in Time Square, Casablanca is right where you need to be. Enjoy being in the middle of all of the action while enjoying free high speed internet, room service, free breakfast, and business center with internet access.

1. Chelsea Pines Inn: Chelsea Pines Inn is the absolute best hotel in the NYC area. Take advantage of the value and location of this hotel while you enjoy the best food, and awesome views. This hotel is located in the middle of the best attractions, such as museums and popular sights.

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