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NYC Dive Bars - Top 7 Dive Bars In New York City 2014

Posted on 11 May 2014 by Melissa Moore

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NYC Dive Bars

The Top 7 Dive Bars In New York City 2014.

Dive bars are great for local atmosphere, and are some of the hippest spots around. Especially this hip 7 list.

New Yorkers love a good dive bar, and if you are in the city, and on the prowl for one, check out our seven picks for the top spots. These watering holes are not trendy, are the favorites of some colorful folk, and typically serve some fierce drinks, without all the flowery names and candied fruit.

7. Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern: Rosemary's bar is found in Williamsburg, and Rosemary herself tends bar. The place offers low cost beers, has a jukebox, and they really deck the halls during holidays--even the ones like Valentine's Day. This is definitely your neighborhood watering hole.

6. Billymark's West: Run by both Billy and Mark, this bar has a dartboard (a definite must for a dive bar), a jukebox, cheap drinks served in Styrofoam cups and a bartender older than your grandma.

5. Subway Inn: The Subway Inn is seedy, dirty and noisy--and that's what makes it great! This hidden gem is in Manhattan; buy three rounds get one free (the way it should be). No fuss, no muss, just a great dive bar.

4. Legends Bar and Grill: Legends is both the best bar in Queens and the home of the best BBQ in Queens, so you cannot go wrong here. Grab a cheap drink and a great sandwich and settle in.

3. Station Café: The Station Café is in Woodside, and they are a cash only kind of bar. Pool table, jukebox, scary looking patrons and Christmas lights everywhere to give you that 'Where the hell am I?' kind of feel…

2. Double Down Saloon: This bar is on the East Side, and they are known for 'booze, booze and more booze' along with their cool murals and excellent jukebox (which features quite the diverse collection of tunes).

1. Reif's Tavern: On the Upper East Side, Reif's is definitely a hidden gem. It is known for its low-key regulars and its sing-alongs (seriously). The bar is dingy, the bartenders are nice, and the drinks are cheap. It's the best!

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