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NYC Coffee Shops - Top 7 Coffee Shops In New York City

Posted on 8 May 2014 by Melissa Moore

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Coffee NYC

The Top 7 Coffee Shops In New York City.

The 7 best spots that's not a Starbucks.

Spending some time in the Big Apple? As a visitor, you will want know the best non-chain coffee shops around, so that you can avoid that terrible sluggish morning feeling as you wander, weary, along the streets, looking for that perfect cup of coffee. Here, we have done the work for you. Try one of these:

7. Brew Coffeehouse: They offer sinful cookies, delicious muffins and of course, great espressos and coffees. Brew located in the Bronx, on Philip.

6. La Colombe: Is a world-renowned brewing company that has shops in a few US cities, but make no mistake, this is no 'chain' coffeehouse. They offer no lunches, no cds, no t-shirts…just excellent coffee and great service.

5. Stumptown: This is another that can be found in other cities (four cities total, to be exact) but again, this coffee is not 'chain' coffee. At Stumptown, located in the Ace Hotel, you won't find seating (but sit in the cool Ace lobby) and lines are long--cash only, too, by the way, but the coffees and pastries (try a cake pop!) are worth it!

4. I Am Coffee: What can you say but amazing? Amazing staff, amazing coffee, and the hot chocolate is highly recommended. Very small hole in the wall place, but you will be so glad you found it.

3. Southside Coffee: Known for it's knowledgeable baristas, a quiet location (nice for those who have overindulged the night before) with gorgeous lighting and lots of space, great pastries (even vegan options) and of course, great coffees and cappuccinos.

2. Abraco Espresso: Hands down the best tasting espresso in NYC. They also offer up great coffee, delicious pastries and even olive oil cake (that is a must try). No credit cards accepted--cash only, so come prepared. And no tea, either. Coffee snobs only!

1. Ninth Street Espresso: Ninth Street gets the 'best' rating because of its great prices ($1.50 a cup!), its tastiness, its no frills service and its pastries. Everything here is A+. A can't miss for coffee lovers. 

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