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NYC Bars - Top 7 Bars In New York City 2014

Posted on 11 May 2014 by Juan Leon

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Bars NYC

The Top 7 Bars In New York City 2014.

Sip on some fine cocktails or grab a great ale at one of these great places.

In New York City, there is surely a bar that suits your taste. Whether you want a relaxing evening with a smooth cocktail or heading out for an all-nighter with your friends, New York definitely fits the bill when it comes to bars and entertainment. Here are the top 7 bars in New York City 2014:

7. Barcade: If you like classic arcade games like Pac Man and Frogger while having a few beers, you can find a great selection of local micro-brews to choose from.

6. Pegu Club: Served with East-Asian inspired dishes, order an innovative cocktail that is made with hand-squeezed fruit juices that are crafted with special infusions. Enjoy an Earl Grey-infused martini or a sparkling champagne mojito.

5. Dutch Kills: Long Island City – Meet expert mixologists who create classic drinks that take you back to the 20th century. Order a Bear Trap (bourbon, fresh apple cider, honey syrup) or a Twentieth Century (gin, crème de cacao, lillet blanc, and fresh lemon).

4. Terroir: This spot serves very high-end wines and even calls itself the “elitist wine bar for everyone”. Although they sell wines that are very expensive, they also offer great wines that can fit any budget.

3. Clover Club: If you want to experience an old-fashioned style of America then this bar will make you feel as if you were in a 19th-century mining town. Try the “Hometown Hooch” and “Collins and Fizzes”.

2. Death & Co: Located in the East Village, this bar will take you on a trip back to the Prohibition Era and has the feel of an underground speakeasy. The drink menu offers atavistic options (rare, aged liquors).

1. PDT: This bar is sort of a mix of a hot dog joint and speakeasy. Its highly-acclaimed menu offers some of the best drinks with a great selection of food to match. 

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