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New York City Top 7 Seafood Restaurants for 2017

Posted on 30 June 2017 by Bridget

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When you are in New York City you will quickly see they have hundreds of different restaurants for you to select from on where you are going to eat. However, when you want to get seafood you will notice their are a lot of places all claiming to be the best in the city. This is why we have ranked the top 7 seafood restaurants in New York City to make it easier for you to find the food you want to have.

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  • 7. Sushi Nakazawa @Sushi-Nakazawa -

    Sometimes you will just want to sit down and eat some sushi and indulge your inner child. However, if you eat at the wrong place you have a good chance of getting sick. That is why we recommend Sushi Nakazawa that has some of the best sushi you can find in New York City. 

  • 6. Clemente's Maryland Crab House @Clementes-Maryland-Crabhouse -

    When you want to get some great tasting crab you will have to hit up a place that specializes in crab. That is what you are going to get at Clemente's. This is a place that has some of the best crab around. What is even better is you can get the crab prepared the Maryland way, which is what we highly recommend. 

  • 5. Barchetta @restaurantbarchetta -

    When you want to get Crudo you will need to know where to go. If you hit up the wrong restaurant it is possible to have a very disappointing meal. What is really great about Barchetta is the Crudo is out of this world and they have a tasting platter that gives you six of the samples to try. 

  • 4. John Dory Oyster Bar @TheJohnDory -

    Eating a whole fish may not seem like it would be the best idea, but it is a great way to get the fish and know you are getting a filling meal and having everything the fish has to offer, minus scales and fins. What is really nice about John Dory Oyster Bar is the fact they have whole fish that you can order and that is easily the best option for us. 

  • 3. Littleneck @LittleneckBK -

    Typically when you are eating out you will be breaking the bank because the dishes cost so much money. However, when you go out to Littleneck you will notice your bank account thanks you and so does your stomach. The food is great and the dishes are typically under twenty bucks. What is really good from here are the clams, must try the clams. 

  • 2. The Mermaid Inn @MermaidUWS -

    If you like oysters then you will have to hit up The Mermaid Inn. This is a place that has some great atmosphere and oysters that you will die to eat. What is really good is the fact the place has the food presented so elegantly you may think you are eating at a French restaurant.

  • 1. Marea @MareaNYC -

    If you want to have a unique spin on the seafood dishes then you have to try them the way the Italians do. That is exactly what you are going to get at Marea a great Italian seafood restaurant that prepares the dishes the exact way you would get them in Italy. Our favorite dish is the wine braised octopus. 

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