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Music City: Top 7 Attractions in Nashville

Posted on 23 May 2014 by Park Rodgers

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The Top 7 Tourist attractions in Nashville, Tennessee

Looking for what to do in Nashville? here it is.

We know that a visit to Nashville, TN would not be complete without visiting all the best sights, especially if you are a country music fan. Here are seven of the best attractions in Nashville.

7. Bell Mead Plantation

This beautiful plantation home built in 1853 used to be a thoroughbred farm. Originally 5,400 acres, the property is now just 30 acres. But, it still offers quite a glimpse at the past.

6. RCA Victor Studio

This building is now part of the Country Music Hall of fame. Many legends made their musical recording home within these walls.

5. The Bluebird Cafe

New songs are written and tested within the confines of these walls. Enjoy the magic of song while also filling the belly with food. Perhaps the combination will also fill your soul.

4. Ryman Auditorium

Music legends have walked upon this famous stage. Music lovers will especially appreciate seeing this particular sight.

3. The Country Music Hall of Fame

A person does not have to be an aspiring musician to appreciate musical greats. See all of the legends that came before the current greats.

2. Nash Trash Tours

The Jugg Sisters would love to take you on one of their 90 minute tours to show you the landmarks of the country stars. But, don't expect a run of the mill tour. After all, alcohol is allowed on the bus and children under 13 are not allowed.

1. Grand Ole Opry

Would anyone really expect anything else to be number one on this list? Nashville is famous for its country music stars and this particular stage.

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