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Mid-Range Safari - Top 7 Mid-Range African Safaris

Posted on 12 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Mid Range Safari

The Top 7 Mid-Range African Safaris.

If a high-priced Safari is out of the question, our mid-range options will help you still have a great Safari. 

One of the top reasons for making a trip to Africa is to take a safari. However, they can be quite an expensive adventure. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 7 safaris for mid-range pricing that will not wipe out your entire life's savings.

7. Samara Private Game Reserve: Go to this game reserve during off-season times and spend under $200 per person per night.

6. Remote Africa: Taking a safari trip in remote Africa can save bunches of money. Couples like John and Carol Coppinger lead walking safari's directly out of their homes. The cost for trips like this is about $3,000 for seven days and that includes food.

5. Safari Drive: Visit the Safari Drive website for more information, but the basic concept here is that simply renting a car from a major city and driving yourself on a safari is a major money saver.

4. Protravel: Contacting this company for a safari vacation promises a great adventure on some of Africa's best reserves. Including lodging and transportation, total cost of this safari trip is just over $7,000 per person.

3. Okonjima: Located in Namibia's central highlands, this camp is famous for the lion and elephant populations that can be observed here.

2. Little Vumbura: Little Vumbura doesn't come with the same sticker shock as the Vumbura Plains camp, but it is still an interesting island to visit for a safari.

1. South Africa National Parks: Of course the expected destination of choice for a safari is South Africa and where better than a national park? Kruger National Park offers self serving bungalows for as cheap as $70 a night.

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