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Miami's 2017 - Top 7 Attractions

Posted on 24 June 2017 by Sandy

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Miami Beach Boardwalk

When you go to Miami you know you are in paradise and are going to love the location. However, you should know about the top attractions to see when you hit up Miami. This is why we have ranked the top 7 attractions in Miami to ensure you have a great trip. 

Find out more about Miami and the Miami travel scene on our travel page. 

  • 7. Miami Seaquarium @MiamiSeaquarium -

    The Miami Seaquarium is a place you will like because is has some of the sea life you would want to see and never have a chance to really see. However, at the same time they do have quite a few shows that are shown throughout the day for the animals. 

  • 6. Little Havana -

    This is not so much a single attraction as it is an entire neighborhood region. This region has plenty of things that you can enjoy from the entertainment to the food. So it is easy to see this is a place that you will be able to enjoy a unique cultural experience. 

  • 5. South Beach -

    South Beach is one of those famous beaches that gives you a chance to see the stars and see something that you normally not be able to meet. However, you will enjoy the fact this is a beach that you can easily spend your entire vacation on and know you are enjoying your trip. 

  • 4. Monkey Jungle @monkeyjunglemiami -

    Monkey Jungle is definitely a unique experience as it is unlike most zoos that see the animals in the cages. Instead, the people are who are in the cages as the monkeys get a chance to run around free. A great place to observe the monkeys running around and having fun. 

  • 3. Jungle Island @jungleisland -

    When you look at Jungle Island you will notice it has made quite a few changes over the years from what it started out as, just a bird sanctuary to see birds running free. Now it has quite a few exotic animals that you are simply going to fall in love with seeing and enjoying. 

  • 2. Zoo Miami @zoomiami -

    Face it the beaches are great and a wonderful way to relax, but can you really sit on the beach all day long and roast in the sun? Well, you can, but sometimes you will want to do something else and that is what makes the Zoo Miami a great place to go to. Centering on conservation and education you will simply love all that you can find at the zoo. 

  • 1. Miami Beach Boardwalk @Miami-Beach-Boardwalk -

    Sometimes you are not sure which beach you should hit up when you are vacationing in Miami. Yes, the city has the famous South Beach, but it also has other beaches as well you are sure to love. With that being the case you will love the Miami Beach Boardwalk that takes you along some stunning beaches and makes it easier for you to see some of the best beaches Miami has to offer. 

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