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Louisville 2017 - Top 7 Kid Friendly Attractions

Posted on 25 June 2017 by Todd

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Kentucky Derby Museum

Louisville is a great city and one that you are sure to fall in love with. However, when you are traveling with your kids you need to know about some of the things they are able to go out and do. This is why we have ranked the top 7 kid friendly attractions in Louisville for you to take your kids to.

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  • 7. Muhammad Ali Museum @Muhammad-Ali-Center -

    If you have ever wanted to explore the great boxing career of the greatest then you will love this center. It covers all aspects of his life and even makes it into the fighting arena as well that helps to guide his career and make his life choices. 

  • 6. Louisville Slugger Museum @sluggermuseum -

    Any kid that has seen a baseball game is going to love the fact they can take a tour of the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory. This tour can be boring for the little tikes, but for the little bit older kids they will love the tour and what it provides them to do and see. 

  • 5. Boat Cruise On Spirit Of Jefferson -

    Have you ever taken your kids for a river cruise? If not they will love the Spirit of Jefferson boat cruise they can take. Not to mention you have a chance to go down the river and see things you normally would never get a chance to see. 

  • 4. Louisville Visitors Center @LouisvilleVIC -

    This may not be the best place that you would think the kids are going to like. However, what you are going to find is this is a great place to go to find out about the entire city. What else is nice is the gift center makes it easy to find the gifts you want to get. 

  • 3. Louisville Zoo @Louisvillezoo -

    All kids love a zoo because you can see all the animals you normally would not get to see. That is what is great about the Louisville Zoo is the fact that it offers a lot for your kids to do, but also has some great animals your kids may have never had a chance to see before.

  • 2. Mega Cavern @louisvillemegacavern -

    Did you know that underneath Louisville you will find a large cavern? If not then you will love to see the mega cavern. This is a place that is simply stunning and definitely going to be something you and your kids are going to love to visit. 

  • 1. Kentucky Derby Museum @derbymuseum -

    This is a museum that is going to be beneficial for the adults and the kids a lot. However, what you are going to love is the fact this is a museum that has a lot of things for the kids to do and this is going to allow the kids to have a great trip. 

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