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Los Angeles Pizza - Top 7 Pizza Places in Los Angeles 2014

Posted on 7 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Top 7 Pizza LA

The Top 7 Best Pizza Joints In Los Angeles.

These spots are not Pizza-Hut, They're better.

Pizza has perhaps become just as American as it is Italian. Whenever people visit an major city like Los Angeles there's an inclination to find the best pizza place the town has to offer. We've located 7 of the best in Los Angeles for you.

7.800 degrees: This pizzeria makes margherita pizzas faster than most. But, if more toppings, even some unconventional ones are desired, there is always that option.

6.Zelo Pizzeria: Want something a bit different? Try Zelo's corn-bread deep dish pizza. You will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

5. Milo & Olive: Milo & Olive has a wood-burning stove that serves up some of the best pizza in the area, maybe even the country.

4. Stella Rosa Pizza Bar: This special pizzeria is known for its dough. First of all, the chef stores the dough in glass jars that allow the dough to rise to the top so that he knows when it is time to bake the dough. Secondly, it is known for making a crust that is crispy on the bottom yet moist on the inside.

3. Pizzeria Mozza: If unexpected pizza toppings paired with a perfect crust is your goal, Pizzeria Mozza is the place to go. These pizzas are dusted with fennel pollen.

2. Mother Dough: Those that love Neapolitan style pizza must try Mother Dough pizza. It's not, however, for those that prefer a ton of toppings.

1. Sotto: Traditional in its style of brick oven cooking in an oven specially imported from Italy, this pizzeria is number one on the list for its undeniable character. As expected with traditional brick oven baking, the perfection of these pizza pies is in the personality of the oven.

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