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Los Angeles Irish Bars - Top 7 Irish Bars In Los Angeles

Posted on 10 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Irish Bars LA

The Top 7 Irish Bars In Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is full of Irish Bars, but here's the best of the best.

No bar is quite like an Irish pub. In fact, nothing is. So if you are out in Los Angeles and need to find one, we have got the top 7 listed right here below. Enjoy to your heart's content.

7. O'Briens: Warm and busy, but not dimly lit as one may expect from an Irish pub is what to expect when entering this local Santa Monica favorite.

6. Tom Bergin's Tavern: This Irish hangout is popular with people that love to socialize, though there are booths available for those that prefer a bit more privacy.

5. The Irish Times: This is most definitely an Irish pub to visit if Irish food is the desire. Not many other menus compare to the Irish dishes listed on this one.

4. Casey's Irish Pub: Monday night happy hour that seems to be endless as it goes on until closing. Let's not forget the interesting history of the building either. It used to be a Turkish bathhouse.

3. Finn McCool's: Locals frequent this Irish bar for the Irish comfort food and the favorite beers they have on tap.

2. Dillion's Irish Pub & Grill: Despite being located on Hollywood Boulevard, this Irish hub is a favorite eating destination. Expect to find the traditional pub food here, but also expect to find local health food alternatives such as tuna or hummus.

1. Timmy Nolan's Tavern: Not just a pub, but also a sports bar. That is what this place is. It is the perfect Irish bar destination for anyone looking for a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy some beer and good food.

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