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Las Vegas Shows - Top 7 Las Vegas Shows for 2014

Posted on 10 April 2014 by Mike

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The Top Las Vegas Shows

Seven must see shows while in Las Vegas

The last 20 years has completely changed Las Vegas, the skyline, restaurants, resorts, clubs, and shows have redefined. No longer is Las Vegas all about just gambling, instead the resorts have set out to upgrade the entire Las Vegas experience. 

7. Celine Dion (Caesars) - Not sure what is better the amazing Coliseum or the ridiculous talent and range of Celine Dion. One of the more expensive and hard to get tickets of any Las Vegas show, make sure you book well in advance. 

6. Zumanity - Cirque Du Soleil (NY NY) - this Cirque show is a mix between unbelievable feats and a risque Las Vegas show. Zumanity is the most unique show on the Las Vegas strip. One of the cheaper Cirque shows, make sure you check the discounted outlets as Zumanity always is aggressive with reducing prices. 

5. Penn & Teller (Rio) - Not often would we suggest leaving the Las Vegas strip, but well worth the short cab ride, if you like comedy then this show will be well worth it. By far the best comedy and magic show in Las Vegas, Penn & Teller unique relationship just adds to this great show. 

4. KA - Cirgue Du Soleil (MGM) - The 2nd longest running cirque show in Las Vegas but the show itself has had several different leading actors. The theater/stage is the superstar of this Las Vegas show and trust us you will not be disappointed. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino was name our #1 resort in Las Vegas and "KA" was one of the reasons why. 

3. Blue Man Group (Monte Carlo) - The Blue Man Group have had time at several different casino but the newly renovated Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino is great fit for the updated show. If you love percussion and or drums then the Blue Man Group is definitely the show for you. Great value as one of the cheapest Las Vegas shows. 

2. The Beatles "Love" Cirque du Soleil (Mirage) - Even if your not a die-hard Beatles fan the Cirque show Love is an amazing mix of great stage, props, music, and cirque performers. The baby boomer generation has made this Beatles based show the #2 grossing show since it arrived on Las Vegas Strip. 

1. "O" Cirque du Soleil (Bellagio) - This historic show opened in 1998 and since then the craze of Cirque du Soleil shows have blossomed but "O" is still our favorite. Just one of the many reasons why the Bellagio Hotel & Casino ranked #5 in our Top 7 Las Vegas Hotels & Resorts. Truly amazing cirque show that has the most complex stage including water area that will leave you scratching your head. 

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