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Kentucky Speedway Cincinnati Attraction Review

Posted on 14 July 2016 by Kim

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Watching a NASCAR race or any type of race is going to be a great way to relax. What a lot of people do not realize is just outside of Cincinnati in between Louisville and Cincinnati is the Kentucky Speedway. This is a location that hosts a NASCAR race each year, but also has a host of other attractions going on throughout the year. 

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Time Of Operation

The operating time of the Kentucky Speedway is going to vary depending on the event. However, the speedway does have a shop that is generally open and sells the different items that you would expect to find at a venue like this. The location also has a different option that is going to be enjoyable for some people and that is the venue has space that can be rented out. This way people can host business gathers, weddings, and other items at the location.

What We Liked

The main thing that we like about the Kentucky Speedway is the fact that their is virtually no bad seat in the house. Yes, it does take a lot to get the best seats, but even if you have a lower priced seat you will find the seats are great and not going to be one that is going to be bad enough to disappoint you.

What We Did Not Like

The seating and the atmosphere are great. The one thing that we really do not like is dealing with all the crowds that are present after the race is letting out. Yes, everyone wants to get out and they have been improving the flow of traffic, but still the headache of getting out can be a major pain and if you are not paying attention it is easy to wreck your vehicle.

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 7.5 Stars

NASCAR is huge and the Kentucky Speedway is great for that. However, outside of the race it is a track that has various venues that you can rent. With that being the case, we actually love the race weekend, but outside of that the speedway does not have the major draw that you would expect a raceway to have and the fact it is just far enough away from the city you will find it is hard to find a great reason to justify going out to it.

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