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Houston Attractions - Top 7 Attractions In Houston, Texas

Posted on 19 May 2014 by Shannon Moore

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Housten Attractions

The Top 7 Attractions In Houston.

Must see attractions that are quite the experience.

Houston has some of the best area attractions. Those visiting Houston for the first time will appreciate these great places. Shucks, even the locals go back for more to these places!

7. The Galleria: The place to go for a grand uptown mall shopping experience is The Galleria is the place to go.

6. Six Flags Astroworld: Six Flags is the theme park of choice when it comes to thrills. It's 57 acres of pure fun.

5. Houston Museum of Natural Science: This wonderful museum has been around since 1909 and is among the top science museums to visit in the entire country. With features such as butterfly gardens and a planetarium, no wonder.

4. Aquarium: Great food and great views can be found at this local attraction. See the beautiful aquatic splendor and enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant.

3. Children's Museum: Fun, interactive displays never go out of style, especially for children. Hey, adults will definitely have fun here, too, though!

2. Houston Zoo: Animal lovers will thoroughly enjoy the Houston Zoo. Bring the entire family and spend the day strolling through the habitats. Even enjoy lunch on site.

1. Space Center: Houston does not have a problem showing off their space center to visitors. Of course, it just had to be at the top of the list! It is an important part of history.

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