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Hong Kong Markets - Top 7 Markets in Hong Kong

Posted on 15 April 2014 by Melinda

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Hong Kong Markets

Top 7 Markets in Hong Kong.

From clothes, electronics, curios, and pets - Hong Kong Markets have it all.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: every other guide out there will have “Temple Street Night Market” & “Stanley Markets” on their list. There was a time many years ago where a trip to those markets was worth it. Times change, so I’m here to tell you the markets that are not out dated and are really worth your time. It’s a market, so that means strike a deal and walk away with a bargain.

7. Wan Chai Street Market, Wan Chai: A local market where the locals shop cant be bad. I find that anywhere the locals go I go to. With reasonable prices, you’ll find the usual bags, clothes, kids stuff, underwear, knickknacks etc. It’s like an outdoor mall. In every Hong Kong market there’s usually a couple of food stands around. Here you get to sample the chocolate and savory treats, which make great gifts too. 

6. Apliu Street Market, Sham Shui Po: If you are on the hunt for electronic devices and gadgets, this market is for you. CD’s, DVD’s mobile phone covers, video games, and gaming software & equipment. – Think small and transportable. Remember after all this is a market, so if your looking for high-end quality, I would suggest going to a reputable retailer.

5. Sai Kung Seafood Market, Sai Kung: If I want to see untouched old-Hong Kong, the New territories is where I go. Not a traditional market per-say, the fisherman sells seafood straight from their boats. Simply lean over the rail, make your choice and they will send me the seafood via bucket. Its primitive, old school, and its awesome.

4. Yuen Po Bird Market, Mong Kok: Simply wonderful for people watching, the interaction of bird stall owners and the harmony of the trilling birds are a wonderful ritual and delight. If your traveling overseas, you’re probably not bringing a bird home with you, but the cages are beautiful. It’s fascinating to see so many exotic birds in one space. 

3. Jade Market, Yau Ma Tei: With over 400 stalls, it can seem daunting, but the fascination of so much jade is alluring. From every color, shape, size and weight, you will find it here. The Chinese believe that it protects the wearer, and is seen as good luck to give and to receive it. I make sure to spend time talking with stall owners, so as not to purchase fakes.

2. Goldfish Market: Some markets are about culture and local experience, and this is one of them. Goldfish are very prosperous in China, and with stores and stores or fish in bags ready to be sold, I want to but the whole lot. From all types of exotic fish to turtles and marine life, anything that could go in a bowl or tank you can find here.

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1. Ladies Day Market, Mong Kok: Do not let the name fool you. It’s for men, woman & children, and you can get everything here. The most famous of the markets, for a long time it was over shadowed by the touristy Temple Street Night Market. From all types of clothes, shoes, underwear, curios, and infamous designer knock-offs, the market is bursting with stalls. A lot of stalls repeat the same items for sale, so don’t feel the pressure to purchase right away.


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