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Family Fun In Jamaica - Top 7 Family Fun Activities In Jamaica

Posted on 24 April 2014 by Melinda

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Jamaica For Everyone! The Top 7 Family Fun Activities In Jamaica.

Plan your next exotic vacation around these top 7 Family fun activities.

Whether you have kids or you are a kid at heart, Jamaica isn’t just for adults. Activities are always more fun in an exotic setting.

7. Steven’s Aqua Nature Park: Great for day-trips, this water retreat is great for a real taste of chill Jamaica. Like being invited into a local’s home, Owner Steve loves giving walking tours of his family owned land. You will learn about the local plants and fruits grown here, and meet a few horses, pigs and goats along the way.

6. Shaw Park Botanical Gardens: Located in Ocho Rio's nearby hillside, is the perfect place for a picnic and a little relaxation for the day. A large waterfall cascades through past beautiful flower gardens and picnic spots.

5. Tubing Down The White River: Probably the most exotic water rafting experience of your life, with beautiful scenery, float past coconut plantations and bamboo groves before falling down mini rapids and breathtaking lagoons. 

4. Crocodile Spotting: On the banks of the Black River, a one hour cruise is plenty of time to see the crocs that swim right up to the cruise ship, and nip away at the sides. Don’t worry, you won’t be bitten, but the up-close and personal experience is very exciting and eye opening.

3. Dolfin Cove: One of the coolest water parks in the Caribbean with the backdrop of a rainforest, Dolfin Cove is five acres of water facing a lagoon, that lets kids play and swim with dolphins, stingrays, and nurse sharks. Very safely of course. There are also jungle trails, a beach and bottomless kayaks among other fun activities.

2. Mystic Mountain: Like an old school fun park, Mystic Mountain is full of thrills. Take a chairlift ride up the mountain through the rainforest at a smooth pace, and then bobsled your way down the mountain, winding your way through a perfectly arranged course. It’s good to feel like a kid again.

1. Horseback Ride & Swim: If you thought riding horses was fun, try riding them in the ocean. From a breed of retired polo horses, the adventure starts with an easy trail ride through the hillside. Once at the beach, saddles are changed and everyone goes galloping in the ocean, and then back to Chukka HQ along another trail. It’s an amazing & unique way to see the Island.

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