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Cycling City Reviews - Top 7 Bike Friendly Cities in the United States

Posted on 11 April 2014 by Mikey

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The Top most active and bike friendly cities.

Seven places that have taking cycling and eco-friendly to next level.

As the price of gas goes up and the eco-friendly effort spread the bike world has started to expand. There are a number of 'bike friendly' cities in the US, which is good news for all of you bikers out there! Planning to travel, or perhaps, relocate, and want to make sure your new city is bike friendly? Here are the seven 'bike-friendliest' cities in the US.

7) Madison, WI - Madison was chosen partly because they have a great bike sharing program. Madison B-cycle allows you to rent a bike at any station, ride it around all day, and then return it at any station when you are done. Additionally, the city offers plenty of bike paths and trails--and everyone bikes!

6) San Francisco, CA - San Francisco has plenty of bike lanes, bike parking corrals, traffic signals just for bikers, and things like the Bicycle Music Festival, which is a pedal-powered rock show. The city pledges to be '20 percent cycling mode share by 2020'.

5) Eugene, Or - Eugene boasts 14 miles of paved trails for bikers, a bike commuter level of 10%, and the city spends about 20% of its annual transportation budget on bike projects. They also offer a number of bike fests each year.

4) Seattle, WA - Seattle has recently revamped its city, installing cycle tracks, a bike infrastructure and more. The West Coast's biggest bike race is held here annually, and the events that surround it boast pedal-powered exhibits.

3) Boulder, CO - Boulder has lots of bike lanes, a 40-acre bike playground (seriously!), bike paths and more. Head to the bike playground and experience the bike jumps, the trails and the balance bike track (for kids).

2) Portland, OR - Portland is definitely bike friendly. They have bike boxes at intersections which were designed to improve bike safety and avoid any collision. Portland also offers bike commuting trains and has many bike shops all over the city.

1) Minneapolis, MN - Minneapolis has a great bike sharing program, the Cedar Lake Regional Trail, which they call "America's first bike freeway" and plenty of bike lanes and bike trails.

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