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City Of Brotherly Love - Top 7 Restaurants in Philadelphia

Posted on 16 June 2014

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Foodies will love our top 7 Philadelphia Restaurants. 

The City of Brotherly Love has it all including some unbelievable restaurants. 

Since there are so many restaurants in a city like Philadelphia, deciding on where to explore dining options on your own may be a challenge. Maybe you do not have much time to leisure through the city to see all that it has to offer. Instead, you have the option to choose places that have the best reputation and the most appeal. If you want to have stellar experience and get a real taste of what Philadelphia has to offer, then here are the Top 7 Restaurants in Philadelphia.

7. Paloma – Offers French fare with chef-owner Adan Saavedra to bring you exciting flavors with homemade desserts at reasonable prices.

6. Fond – This restaurant is considered “terrific” and “over-the-top” by previous surveyors. Enjoy great American-style cooking, delicious desserts, and a memorable experience.

5. Sycamore – This restaurant is famous for blending local ingredients using chef Sam Jacobson’s New American style of cooking. Great cheese course, tasty desserts, and pleasing cocktail mixes.

4. Bibou – An intimate bistro boasting French fare that combine bold and subtle flavors. It is very difficult to get a reservation especially on Sunday.

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3. Birchrunville Store – A French-Italian cuisine is served by chef Francis Trzeciak which is known as “farm-to-fork” for its unique freshness and taste.

2. Vetri – People consider this restaurant as a true heaven on Earth offering fine Italian cuisine and excellent service. Professional service and high-end prices are found on the menu.

1. Fountain – Rated as No.1 for Food, Décor, and Service, this restaurant will make you feel like royalty with its extraordinary beauty, outstanding fare, and impeccable service.

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