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Cincinnati Top 7 Attractions For 2016

Posted on 5 July 2016 by Kim

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Kings Island

Cincinnati is often called the Queen City and with all the gems that are available to do in the city it is easy to see why. Find the top seven attractions in Cincinnati and start planning your trip right away to this beautiful city and enjoy some gems that people often overlook. 

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  • 7. National Underground Railway Museum -

    This is a testament to the struggles of the slaves before the Civil War and how they were escaping. The museum provides people with a history lesson, but also is very though provoking to the struggles of people as they escaped the oppression they were experiencing.

  • 6. Cincinnati Art Museum -

    A lot of people never really knew that Cincinnati used to have a thriving art community and Rookwood Pottery is actually from the Cincinnati region. So people will enjoy the art museum as it showcases a lot of Cincinnati art works, but also shows off quite a few of the other famous artist from around the world.

  • 5. Union Terminal -

    This location is very old and often seen as one of the main rail stations that would lead to people going Westward. However, this is now home to the famous rail station, but it is also the home to the Cincinnati museum center.

  • 4. Contemporary Art Center -

    Sometimes people want to have some of the modern look of art and avoid some of the classical pieces. That is exactly what people are going to have here because it is a center that has plenty of temporary exhibits that are more modern in their look.

  • 3. Cincinnati Zoo -

    Animals and plants are always a big draw. When people go here they get the best of both worlds because they are going to get the chance to see the animals, but also will be able to spend the day here and know they are learning as well.

  • 2. JACK Casino -

    Sometimes the best part about going to a city is the chance to get some great food and entertainment. With the JACK Casino, people can gamble, but they need to realize their is so much more like great high end restaurants and even live entertainment shows by some of the top acts in America.

  • 1. Kings Island -

    Amusement parks are always a major draw and it is close to Cincinnati, about a 30 minute drive. It is a major theme park that has something for people of all ages to do, but come night time when the park is getting ready to close people can enjoy a beautiful fireworks show if weather is permitting. Make sure you also check out our article Top 7 Thrill Rides at Kings Island.

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