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Chicken & Rice Guys - Boston Food Truck Review

Posted on 28 July 2016 by Kim

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Chicken and Rice Guys

Chicken and Rice Guys is the clear winner of our Top 7 Food Trucks in Boston and since they are the winner we decided it was time for them to get a review of their own. Just reading this your going to fall in love with Chicken & Rice Guys, a Boston Food Truck must eat.

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Hours And Location

While Chicken & Rice Guys does have a couple of restaurants the food trucks have varying schedules and locations. 

For the latest schedule of the food truck it is best to check Chicken & Rice Twitter account @cnrguys.

What We Like About Chicken & Rice Guys

Middle Eastern inspired food in street food delivery makes this unusual theme a big hit in Boston. Perfect blend of flavors in everything you get from Chicken & Rice Guys, our favorite is the perfect rice with the Grilled Halal Chicken. Close second favorite is the Chicken & Rice Guy's amazing Gyro - maybe the most perfectly cooked Beef & Lamb we have tasted. You can get either by their self or put combo of the Chicken & Gyro which is what we suggest you do.

A common complaint in the past was Chicken & Rice Guys were hard to track down but now with multiple trucks and free standing restaurants it's much more convenient to get your fox of Chicken & Rice Guys.

What We Did Not Like

The one thing we did not like was the grilled Tofu - to be honest took some convincing just to try it. We will stick with the Gyro or Chicken.

Our Rating Out Of 10 Stars - 9.5 Stars

When you go to a food truck you are not expecting to get the best food in the planet. However, at Chicken & Rice Guys you are getting great food at a reasonable price. Once you try the Chicken & Rice Guys food it is easy to see why they are the top food truck in Boston. (See complete list of Top 7 Food Trucks in Boston.)

Learn more about the food truck at and @cnrguys

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