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Chicago's Top 7 Seafood Restaurants

Posted on 11 July 2017 by Pam

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Brown Bag Seafood

We will admit that Chicago is very far from an ocean, but they do have Lake Michigan. However, what else Chicago has is an airport that allows for fresh seafood daily to arrive. With that being said, here are the top 7 seafood restaurants in Chicago for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Calumet Fisheries @Calumet-Fisheries -

    In the older steel part of Chicago you will notice that you can find one of the original places that fed the steel mill workers. That place is nothing more than Calumet Fisheries. The dish that we love is the salmon.

  • 6. Troha's Chicken & Shrimp @ChicagosBestShrimp -

    When you want to get some shrimp in Chicago, then you have to head to Troha's. This is an excellent shrimp restaurant that you are going to love because it has an excellent atmosphere to go along with the beauty of the food. We simply adore the full order of fish chips that are out of this world. 

  • 5. Da Lobsta @FindDaLobsta -

    Da Lobsta is a place that has managed to specialize in preparing and serving only the best lobster in Chicago. The place has great food and a nice atmosphere as well for you to enjoy. Our personal favorite dish from Da Lobsta is the Asian twist on the traditional lobster roll. 

  • 4. Lawrences Fisheries @Lawrences-Fisheries -

    Lawrence's Fisheries is a seafood restaurant that has some of the great food that you can enjoy, but also has a unique selection of seafood dishes. We personally love the catfish strips that are amazing. 

  • 3. Joey's Shrimp House @Joeyssteakandseafood -

    As you can tell by the name Joey's Shrimp House is going to specialize in shrimp. What is amazing is this is a great restaurant for seafood of all type, but you have to try the shrimp because it is amazing. What is even better at the Caribbean themed restaurant is the Shrimp Jibarito. 

  • 2. The Happy Lobster Truck @happylobstertruck -

    Now the Happy Lobster Truck is a food truck, but it is so amazing that is has made our list as one of the best seafood restaurants in Chicago. The place has so much going for it, but the main thing is the excellent lobster rolls that are simply amazing. 

  • 1. Brown Bag Seafood @Brown-Bag-Seafood-Company -

    Are you looking for a quick trip for a great seafood meal? If you are make sure you are looking at the Brown Bag Seafood company. This is a great place that has some of the best seafood that we have ever had before. When you are eating at Brown Bag make sure you try out the blackened fish of the day. 

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