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Chicago Restaurant Ratings - Top 7 Chicago Restaurants

Posted on 18 May 2014 by Adam

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Chicago Top 7 Travel Restaurant Rankings

Must Try Restaurants in Chicago for 2014.

We know it is overwhelming to visit a big city with hundreds of restaurants to choose from. Which one is best? Who has the best reputation? Oh, the choices, and who really knows? We do.

We have seven of the top restaurants in Chicago right here for you to try on your next visit.

7. Grace - As a 2014 Forbes Magazine Travel Guide Star Award Winner, Grace should definitely be on your list of places to eat. If it's not already, we suggest you add it.

6. Demera's - If the All-American dining experience is not your thing, try this Ethiopian dining experience. Only traditional cuisine is served here and patrons are not disappointed.

5. Green Zebra -  Perhaps the reference to green in the name suggests it, but this restaurant is mostly vegetarian. Vegetarians will find this place utterly delightful. Well, really,most anyone will.

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4. Slurping Turtle - This restaurant with a unique name has some of the best wine the city has to offer. With such unique food and excellent presentation, you will surely leave satisfied.

3. Alinea - Fining dining at its best, this is definitely a place worth stopping to eat at. It is consistently ranked among the top restaurants in Chicago.

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2. Portillio's - We just couldn't call it a top 7 list without putting Chicago's famous hot dogs at the top of the list. This fine establishment serves up the best Chicago style hot dogs and Italian beef around.

1. Moto - Looking for a place that thinks outside of the box? Moto's is the place to go. A truly unique restaurant that will never be like any other. Even their website is not conventional and mouthwatering. This place is hard to top, and that's why it is number one on our list!


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