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Chicago Food: Top 7 Foods In Chicago

Posted on 6 May 2014 by Pam Stevens

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The Top Seven Foods Found In Chicago

Seven Chicago foods that you shouldn't miss

Like many cities, Chicago has a lot to offer and has many foods that are distinctively “Chicago”. While many of these things have spread globally, there still is nothing like getting it in the city that is famous for it. Here are the top 7 foods that are very much a part of Chicago.

7) Paczkis-Ok, these are Polish doughnuts and really not a “Chicago” food so to speak but I have never been to another US City that celebrates Paczki Day, a day solely dedicated to doughnuts. How cool is that?

6) Anything Mexican-Chicago has one of the largest Mexican populations in the United States so it stands to reason that there is also a high density of Mexican restaurants. That means there are plenty of really good ones.

5) Greek Food-Chicago has a large Greek Town with some of the best Greek Restaurants on the planet. I’ll be honest, I am not really a big fan of Greek food but in Greek Town I make an exception.

4) Italian Beef-I know in Philly the top two cheese steak joints are right across the street from on another, in Chicago the residents have their favorites as well when it comes to Italian Beef but any way you like it, Italian Beef is a Chicago staple.

3) Popcorn-Who would even think that cheese and caramel would go together so well? Trust me on this it does. Once you get past the idea of blending cheese and caramel,  you suddenly realize just how thankful you are someone thought of this wonderful idea.

2) Pizza-Chicago is the home of the deep dish but I have news for you, the Chicago style thin crust is just as good and for many Chicagoans they think it is even better. Either one is good in my book but this is one where moderation is the best solution.

1) Hot Dogs- I know a lot of people will argue that pizza should have been number one and they aren’t going to get any argument from me but something has to be one and something has to be two. For this list we’ll go with the very distinctive Chicago Dog that is often imitated but never duplicated. Mustard, Onions, bright green sweet pickle relish, dill pickle spear, tomato slices, pickled sport peppers and celery salt. 

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