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Budget Travel: Top 7 Most Affordable Caribbean Vacation Destinations

Posted on 8 May 2014 by Pam Stevens

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Vacationing in the Caribbean on a Budget: Top 7 Most Reasonably Priced Caribbean Destinations

You don't have to spend a bundle to vacation in the Caribbean

While we all dream of the luxury “lifestyle of the rich and famous” vacation, not everyone can afford it, at least not yet. Just because you won’t be flying in on your private jet or sailing in o your luxury yacht, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience the Caribbean on your next vacation. Here are the spots regarded as the most affordable in the Caribbean:

7) Curacao – Aside from being reasonable Curacao is pretty easy to get to with a busy airport. With flights from New York at under $500 and 3-star hotel averaging just under $86 a night this is a fairly popular destination among Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Brits.

6) Barbados- Barbados has it all, top end hotels along with some very reasonably priced places. While I wouldn’t call Barbados one of the easier spots to get to it is easier than some of the smaller islands around it. Flights from New York are as low as under $400 and hotels can be as cheap as around $110 a night.

5) Aruba- Aruba is another island that really has something for everyone and while hotels might start a little higher than some of the others on the list, flights seem to be plentiful and therefore more reasonable. I have seen flights from New York in the $330 range and hotels around $120 a night.

4) Puerto Rico- If you are willing to spend a little more Rincon could be the spot for you with flights from NYC for less than $300 but hotels in the $135 range. San Juan has more direct fights form more places and they run just slightly higher in the $320 range from New York City and hotels can be found for right around $100 a night.

3) Jamaica-Jamaica has three spots that are all reasonable and you can go from what is considered inexpensive to very inexpensive depending on the choices you make. Flights to Montego Bay from New York are in the $350 range and hotels can be less than $110 a night. A flight to Ocho Rios is about the same as Montego Bay which is a few hours away but hotels can be had for less than $100. Negril is one of the best value spots in the Caribbean and after flying into Montego Bay it’s a a bit of a hike but you can find decent hotels for less than $80 a night.

2) Dominican Republic- Flights to Punta Cana can run a little higher than some of the other places on this list starting around $415 from New York but hotels are plentiful and seriously inexpensive at around $50 a night. Most who visit the Dominican Republic find the best deals at the all-inclusive resorts.

1) Mexico -Cancun is easily the lowest priced of all Caribbean destinations as most major cities seem to have direct flights and from New York they can be had starting in the $350 range. Hotels are plentiful and cheap and while they start at less than $40, be sure to know where the hotel is located as many of the less expensive ones aren’t anywhere near a beach.

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