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Brotherly Love Accommodations - Top 7 Hotels in Philadelphia

Posted on 22 June 2014 by Adam

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Philadelphia Accommodations are some of the most unique in US.

Historic City of Brotherly has some of the most unique hotels, check out our top 7 below.

While visiting Philadelphia, you can definitely treat yourself by finding accommodations that distinguishes themselves from all the others. Whether you are looking for a hotel with oversized bedrooms or a room that provides a view of the magnificent cityscape, you can definitely find great lodging for both business and leisure. To help you locate the best hotels easily, here are the Top 7 Hotels in Philadelphia.

7. Rittenhouse Hotel - This hotel has set the tone for all other hotels in Philly due to its high value of service.

6. Hyatt at Bellevue Philadelphia - Since its opening in 1904, this hotel has been luring celebrities, tycoons, and movie stars for decades.

5. The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia - Amazing beauty with impeccable service is a way to describe the Ritz. There is a pleasing aesthetic as soon as you walk in the entrance.

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4. Four Seasons Philadelphia - Staff members go above and beyond to bring you the type of service that you expect from this brand.

3. The Sofitel Philadelphia - Located close to the historic center and in the heart of the business district, expect superior rooms and upscale entertainment.

2. Rittenhouse 1715 - You will feel the difference as soon as you walk in the lobby as the decor takes your breath away. Impeccable service with a sophisticated, refined style.

1. The Loews Philadelphia Hotel - Not only a national historic landmark, this hotel takes the top spot for setting a new standard for convenience, luxury, and modern lodging.

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