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Biking In the City - Top 7 Bike Friendly Cities In The World

Posted on 25 April 2014 by Mary Brown

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City Biking

Bike with ease while overseas.

Get to explore these cities in a fun and friendly way.

With fuel costs and air pollution on the rise globally, biking is picking up speed. The benefits don't stop at the ecosystem and your wallet: iking also improves cardiovascular health. If you're considering a trip abroad, choose one of these bike-friendly cities.

7. Berlin, Germany: Over 10% of residents choose bikes as their preferred mode of transportation. Think like a local; you can rent a bike with a fancy smartphone-activated lock, or even borrow one for free.

6. Malmö; Sweden: Malmö is building a bike-friendly atmosphere, with €47 million invested in infrastructure. It even named its bike paths for seamless GPS integration.

5. Antwerp; Belgium: In 2012, Antwerp politicians added 100 km of separate biking infrastructure to the city. Antwerp also has a free bike-share program and boasts a bikes-only parking lot at its central train station.

4. Bordeaux; France: Bordeaux is the first choice for biking in a country known for the sport, with 400 km of lanes and a bustling share system in its metro area.

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3. Seville; Spain: Seville's percentage of bicyclists has doubled every year for nearly a decade. It's also adding safety lanes at an astounding rate: 80 km per year.

2. Copenhagen; Denmark: Check out Copenhagen's cycling bridges and superhighways, which more than one-third of city residents use regularly. They're located over the harbor, providing breathtaking views.

1. Amsterdam; Netherlands: Amsterdam is famous for its pro-bike culture. It also reduced its speed limits for cars, keeping cyclists safe on the streets.

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