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Amusement Parks: Top 7 Longest Wooden Roller Coasters in the World

Posted on 8 May 2014 by Pam Stevens

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Amusement Park Thrill Seekers Vacation: Seven Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

Love Roller Coasters? Add These to Your List

When it comes to thrill seekers and amusement parks it begins and ends with roller coasters. While every few years there is a newest and latest greatest thrill ride, it always seems to come back to roller coasters. While there are many types of roller coasters, for the purists it still always comes back to good old-fashioned wood. While each coaster has qualities that make it unique and special, here are the longest wooden roller coasters in the world:

7) Jupiter (Kijima Kogen Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Japan) – Checking in at 5,200 feet (1,600M) and reaching speeds of 57 MPH (91 km/h) is the first wooden roller coaster in japan and while some have it opening in 1992 and some in 1993, Curtis Summers hit the nail on the head with Jupiter with 45 degree vertical angles and a 138 foot (42m) drop.

6) Shivering Timbers Michigan’s Adventure Muskegon County, Michigan)-Shivering Timbers opened in 1998 and at 5,383 ft (1,641m) and created and designed by Custom Coasters International it checks in at number six on this list. Featuring drops of 107 feet (33m) and speeds of up to 57 mph (92 km/h) it has a lot more going for it than just being a long ride.

5) T Express (Everland Yongin, South Korea)- At 5,383.8 feet (1,641m) the T Express checks in on this list at number five but it ranks on just about any roller coaster list there is. The T Express is the steepest wooden roller coaster, ninth fastest, and fourth tallest. With speeds reaching 64.6 mph (104 km/h) the T Express designed by Werner Stengel should be on every roller coaster enthusiasts bucket list.

4) Mean Streak (Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio)- At 5,427 feet (1,654m) another Curtis Summers designed coaster makes our list. The Mean Streak reaches speeds of up to 65 mph (105 km/h) and features an 155 foot (47m) drop.

3) White Cyclone (Nagashima Spa Land Mie Prefecture, Japan)-At 5,577.42 feet (1,700m) White Cyclone is the longest wooden roller coaster outside of the United States. At 139 feet (42m) White Cyclone is the seventh tallest coaster in the world and reaches speeds of up to 63.4 mph (102 km/h). Designed by the Stand Company it is one of only four wooden roller coasters in Japan and 13 wooden roller coasters in Asia.

2) The Voyage (Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari Santa Claus, Indiana)- At 6,442 feet (1,964m) the Vyage is second on this list and with a top end speed of 67.4 mph (108.5 km/h) it makes it around the track in 2:45. The Voyage has more air time, 24.3 seconds, than any wooden roller coaster and has held the honor of the best wooden roller coaster in the world on many occasions since opening in 2006.

1) The Beast (Kings Island Cincinnati, Ohio)- The beast was built in 1979 and it still hangs onto the title as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at a whopping 7,359 feet (2,243m) the ride lasts 4 minutes and 10 seconds. When it first opened the Beast was the longest, tallest, and fastest wooden coaster and while it no longer holds two of those three distinctions, it is still regarded as one of the top roller coasters in the world.

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