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Adults Only Vacation Ideas: Top 7 Vacation Spots When Leaving Kids at Home

Posted on 15 April 2014 by Mike

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Top 7 Vacation Ideas for Parents who need to get away from kids. 

We all need time to relax on a vacation away from the kids, see our top 7 Adults Only vacation ideas.

Your vacation begins when you leave the kids at home. Children just don't understand, "Parents just wanna have fun. Finding some alone time is not easy. Parents have to hire a babysitter, take their children to a daycare or ask family and friends to watch their children, so they can enjoy a few hours of quiet time.

7. Spa Vacation: Offers a stress free environment where parents can go to let their hair down, relax, and unwind. Get the perfect facial, manicure, pedicure and massage. Time at the spa equals time away from the kids. Some of our favorite spa spots are Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Malibu. 

6. Weekend Bed & Breakfast Get-A-Way: Take a map out and circle 60 mile radius from your home, find an out of the way Bed & Breakfast to recharge you and your partner's batteries. Just going to sleep and waking without the stress of kids can be maybe your best vacation of the year. 

5. Favorite Restaurant and Hotel Stay-cation:  Find you and your partners favorite restaurant and book late night dinner and then finish it with local hotel stay. We call this the Staycation, enjoy the city you are in and focus on your relationship without the kid stress. 

4. Take in the beach scenery:  As the water does wonders to relieve tension and undue stress. The water represents calmness and serenity. Chilling by the ocean in the sun will melt away the stress.

3. Nail & Hair Salon: Guys take your wife to weekend get-away and go the extra mile by booking her at a hair salon, where she can be pampered by manicure, pedicure, and hair styling.

2. Shopping Vacation: Without the kids mean more money saved, and less forgotten items. Children are a distraction and many items are left at the store, when children are around. 

1. Hot Tub Weekend Getaways:  Great for couples who just need to slow down and enjoy the relationship with their significant other. Our favorite place for Hot Tub Get-Away is the Smokie Mountains. 

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