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7 Best Indoor Things To Do - Saint Louis

Posted on 14 January 2018 by Cameron

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Sain Louis Science Center

Rain can easily ruin your vacation if you are not prepared. We know this happens and when to does you are generally stuck in the hotel room with nothing to do and hope the hotel has a pool. Since this can be a major problem for people who are traveling in Saint Louis, we have decided to rank the 7 best indoor attractions in Saint Louis for 2018 for you to enjoy. 

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  • 7. Saint Louis Art Museum @Saint.Louis.Art.Museum -

    Art is a great thing to look at on a rainy day. This is very true when you look at the beautiful art museum that is here in Saint Louis that you can spend several hours enjoying the masterpieces the museum houses. 

  • 6. Missouri History Museum @mohistorymuseum -

    If you want to learn about the history of the state of Missouri then you have to check out the Missouri History Museum. This place showcases everything you would like to see and enjoy with the state, but also learn about the importance the state has played. 

  • 5. National Great Rivers Musuem @GreatRivers -

    A working lock and dam is just one of the highlights of this place. The National Great Rivers Museum is a great place that will showcase the history of the history of the rivers and the impact they made on America.

  • 4. Myseum @ -

    This is a location that will simply amaze you. The place has plenty for you to do and is almost completely interactive. What is great about this location is the chance to make random objects from music. 

  • 3. City Museum @citymuseum -

    A great location that will showcase a lot of what you would want to see and enjoy. However, this is a great place that is full of everything you would expect to see with a museum and can easily keep you busy exploring during a rainy day.

  • 2. Missouri Botanical Garden @missouribotanicalgarden -

    While this could go as an outdoor or indoor attraction you will find it to be an amazing destination. This place has everything you would want to have to help learn science and even has several different rotating and visiting exhibits you can easily enjoy. 

  • 1. Saint Louis Science Center @STLScienceCenter -

    The Saint Louis Science Center is an amazing collection of buildings that will focus on the sciences. The buildings have a science museum, a planetarium, and plenty of other things for you to go out and explore to enjoy. 

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